About Writing Coaching

What can a Writing Coach do for me?


A Writing Coach can support you in all aspects of the writing process, from organizing ideas to staying motivated, from developing content to preparing your manuscript for publication, from exploring marketing possibilities to creating press releases.

How do we get started?


The first step is to schedule a meeting or phone call to discuss your project and to come up with a possible plan of action; I usually ask to see a writing sample so I can assess how I can best support you as your Writing Coach and what our next steps might be.   

What kind of commitment do I need to make?


After you select  a Writing Coaching Package, you will then sign a contract specifying the exact terms of our agreement; these terms will be based on your  individual goals as a writer.   

Types of Writing Coaching

Additional Information

As your Writing Coach, my task is to inspire confidence, to encourage, to listen and to affirm, always taking into consideration the social, psychological and cultural factors that influence learning. I offer guidance and support in terms of writing for communication purposes (reports, memos, business letters, articles, editorials etc.), for personal expression (creative writing, journals, blogs etc.), or for academic purposes (scholarly articles, dissertations, research proposals etc.)

In addition, I offer writing workshops for groups and individuals to help address problems with the organization of ideas, as well as with coherence, and style. If you want to be an effective writer and communicator, then I have the expertise to assist you.  When we work together,  my success is measured by your success. 

Though I am a poet at heart, my writing skills are not confined to a specific genre. Whether you need copy for a website or assistance developing a blog, whether you are working on a literary piece or the text for an annual report, whether you are struggling with an awards acceptance speech or with the eulogy to deliver at a funeral, we can work as a team to deliver what you are looking for. I'm also available for brainstorming, planning and organizing your project -- creativity is my specialty!

I accept creative writing projects that have a strong human interest and that can be described as "uplifting" in some way. Whether you are working on your autobiography or on a fictional story or self-help book, I want to know that your manuscript will somehow enrich the world. I am not interested in projects involving violence, pornography or horror. 

It is my goal to see you represent yourself in the best light possible, to give you every advantage that comes with strong writing skills. A seasoned public speaker, I can also work with you on delivery and "stage presence."