My Writing Coaching Background

A Poet's Perspective

Dr. Elizabeth-Anne Stewart at Ghahn Tuffieha Bay, Malta

As a poet, I know the precise word to create emphasis, clarity and even an emotional reaction; as a public speaker, I intuitively play with the sounds of words and phrases, using the musicality of English to communicate a memorable written or spoken experience.  

An Editor's Precision

An experienced editor, I have worked on projects of every kind --   collaborative ventures such as the International Commission on English in the Liturgy's Subcommittee on the Liturgical Psalter (ICEL); auditing reports for the USDA; poetry and fiction manuscripts; brochures and websites; speeches; sermons;  research papers; literary magazines etc. My approach is to stay faithful to the content and style of the author while making the text more readable, expanding underdeveloped passages, deleting extraneous material, correcting basic grammar errors and placing ideas in a logical sequence. My task  as a Writing Coach is to "enhance" the original, not rewrite it. I will bring out the best of your work, either working with the manuscript directly or else meeting with you to go through the text word by word, line by line. In this way, you retain full control over the end product, while I simply offer the guidance that will let YOUR work shine! 

About Us

Professional Experience

40+ years of teaching English/Humanities/Writing Coaching at Roosevelt University, Columbia College, St. Xavier University & DePaul University 

40+ years of writing coaching / editing / consulting for private clients such as the USDA and the Archdiocese of Chicago, as well as for individual authors and public speakers. 

40+ years of motivational seminars and workshops (160+ presentations).

40+ years of teaching creative writing in community settings such as The Writer’s Desk, a not- for- profit organization offering writing resources to Chicago schools and neighborhoods (founder/ director, 1979-1986); The Madison Centre for Spirituality & the Arts (founder/ director, 2004-2007) etc.

40+ years of writing poetry and prose

(3 collections of poetry; a memoir; 3 books on Jungian healing with imagery; 2 collections of scripture reflections; an archetypal study of the gospel Jesus; 2 novels for children; 80+ articles etc.)

Degrees, Certificates and Professional Memberships

PhD in Theology, University of Malta, Europe, 1999

Doctor of Ministry in Poetry, Graduate Theological Foundation, Indiana, 1989

M.A. in English & Linguistics, DePaul University, 1976

B.A. in English & Linguistics, University of Malta, 1973

Dip. (TN) TESOL and Dip. CoT (TESOL), Eurolink, Sheffield, UK, 2010.

A Board-Certified Life Coach (BCC), I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Spiritual Directors International (SDI), and Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

I am currently on faculty at Roosevelt University, St. Xavier University and the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT)

On a More Personal Note....

Born in England, raised in England and on the Mediterranean island of Malta, I have always been a wordsmith and lover of the English Language. Even as a child, I read voraciously and wrote poems and plays; by the time I was in high school, I edited the school magazine, ran both the drama club and the debating society, and, as "Head Girl" (School Captain) was often called upon to deliver speeches to visiting dignitaries. Not surprisingly, I chose to study English at the University of Malta, with a minor in Classical Literature. Later, as a graduate assistant at DePaul University, Chicago, I worked in the Writing Program as a tutor; that's when I discovered my love of teaching and came to be known as "The Great Motivator."  As a Writing Coach, nothing gives me greater pleasure than to help clients develop their voice and to use their language skills to communicate more effectively.